Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur

Price winning Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur,

Aged for 3 years before bottled, with 25% ABV

Honey, Ginger and a secret blend


Gold Medal – Best Cognac liqueur – MicroLiquor Spirit Awards 2018 

Silver Medal – Bottle design – MicroLiquor Spirit Awards 2018

Gold Medal – Best flavoured Cognac – World Spirit Competition 2019

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Cocktails and drinks

We have gathered our absolute cocktails and drinks favorites at one place! You will find winter as well as summer cocktails with food pairing included. Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur, is your perfect choice for great cocktails and drinks at any occasion!

Have a look at all of our recipes to create these wonderful cocktails and drinks. Every single colorful drink and cocktail share the same thing.

– All that it takes is one bottle of Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur

The Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur

Flavored with honey, Cognac and South American spices. The alcohol volume is at 25% with a smooth, well-balanced aroma and sweetness. We’ve put a lot of thought and time into developing our product, and with Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur we have put focus into quality in every way.

– From the taste and to the appearance of the bottle

700mL / 25% 

Cognac VS

We decided to use a Cognac VS for our Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur. The Cognac VS is the youngest aged Cognac type there is on the market. With a minimum ageing of 2 years, whereas ours have aged for at least 2½ years before bottled.

Natural ingredients

Our Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur, contains all natural ingredients such as, natural ginger, and honey extract.


Our Cognac has aged for at least two and a half years, before bottled in 16100 Cognac, France.


We only chose grapes which origins from the Petite Champagne area in France. In order to achieve the highest quality for our product.

Ugni Blanc grape

For our Cognac we only use the Cognac grape Ugni Blanc. Harvested in the south western regions of France.

From grape to bottle

From the Southern regions of France, we begin the harvesting.
Once harvested we collect the grape produce for double distillation.
After the distillation, the eau de vie is aged for at least two and half years.
Our craft masters will check the eau de vie and chose the best ones,
for our blend which is used to create Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur.
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