From grape to bottle

To produce Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur , we start off by using the locally
grown Ugni Blanc Grapes –¬†Through several steps, you can follow our
journey from picking the grapes, until we bottle the Cognac.





The harvest

We begin, from the very origin of the Ugni Blanc grapes in southern France. The grapes
are harvested for eau de vie, which later is used for the Cognac. Due to strict borders
only Cognac may be crafted in Cognac – In the 66.000 hectares of Petite Champagne.





The distillation

The distillation process has been used for centuries! In order to
transform wine into eau de vie. It’s a long and delicate
distillation process, by using our copper stills.





The maturation

The eau de vie and our wooden casks, combine the flavours
as well as colors. All of our eau de vie is aged, for a minimum
of two and a half years, before selected for tasting





The tasting

The eau de vie is always tasted beforehand, to make sure
that we use the best quality. Maturation is the only factor
that determines the quality of a Cognac.





The blending

The eau de vie has been chosen after maturating for at least, two
and a half years. Natural honey is added for it’s sweet taste.
Ginger extract is added for the mellow flavor.




The bottling

The blend has been chosen, and now the bottling process can begin.
As beautiful and unique, the process is to getting the correct blend.
Just as unique as the inside, so is the outside of the bottle.



– Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur, a product of France.