Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur

Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur

– A gorgeous blend of honey, spices and eau de vie

 The Lasserre Honey Cognac liqueur is sweet Cognac liqueur, made with natural honey, natural ginger and natural caramel flavors. The Lasserre Honey Cognac liqueur is a unique and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed on any occasion. Its smooth texture and delicious taste make it a popular drink among customers all over the world.

  • Honey Cognac liqueur with 25% alcohol by volume
  • Notes of honey, ginger and caramel
  • Perfect for Cognac newcomers and entusiasts.
  • Bottle engraving with actual gold flakes

Since the Lasserre Cognac is mixed with honey, is it technically a Cognac liqueur with an alcohol volume of 25% . It got onto the market in 2017, and was the first ever honey Cognac liqueur on the market. This is the perfect spirit for those who thinks a Cognac is a bit to intense with an 40% volume. We have then reduced the volume to 25% by using distilled water and natural honey. 

Lasserre honey Cognac liqueur have a sweet honey aroma and taste. It has a dark but sweet smell to it, and it goes extremely well with savory food as well as lighter salty foods or snacks.

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The Lasserre Honey Cognac Liqueur decanter

The Lasserre liqueur bottle is truly a masterpiece. The intricate details are exquisite, and the bottle itself is a work of art. With an engraving with actual gold flakes, the bottle itself truly has a luxurious and exclusive feel

The traditional pattern uses the shape of the Fleur de lys, a nod towards our Louisiana origins, and modern aesthetics. The creation of a very smooth tasting young cognac blended with spices and secrets, Lasserre Honey Cognac liqueur is so smooth that one can drink it chilled, over ice, straight from the bottle, or whatever your preference

Lasserre Honey Cognac liqueur is a product of France in the beautiful city of Cognac, imported to Denmark by Lasserre Cognac.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

Bottle information:

Weight: 1.9 kg
Size EU/US : 700mL/750mL
Container material: glass
Dimenssions: L x W x H
– 18 x 27 x 16 cm
– 7 x 10.6 x 6.2 inches

Bottle contents:

Cognac VS
– Alcohol proof 67%
– Alcohol content by volume 25%
Sugar Syrup
Natural ginger
Natural caramel extract
Natural honey extract