Cognac food pairing

Cognac Food Pairings

Nov 8, 2022

A blog post by Lasserre Cognac

Cognac food pairings the options are endless.. With savory food and sweets. Whether you’re looking for a more complex flavor profile or something light and refreshing, there’s no shortage of Cognacs.

For chocolate, a tawny style Cognac is recommended as the stronger caramel and fruit notes complement the dark rich flavors of the dark chocolate. A medium-bodied Cognac such as VSOP or XO will also work quite well here.

Cheese is another excellent Cognac food pairings, especially to pair with a fruity AOC Armagnac for cheeses that are sweet and creamy such as blue cheese or brie. Alternatively, pair it with an earthy full-flavored Cognac such as a VS for cheeses that display prominent earthy characteristics such as aged cheddar or Gouda. As for cheeses, we would recommend our own Lasserre honey liqueur the Lasserre Cognac VS.

Another all-time favorite is pairing Cognac with duck breast served with fig jam and hazelnut sauce. This is a decadent treat. Glazed pork and a sweeter pork belly go wonderfully with Armagnac as the richer flavors match very well with the slightly salty and savory meat.

High-quality sushi would pair well with either a Japanese blend or a light-bodied cognac like a VS or XO. Such as the Lasserre honey cognac liqueur – Lasserre Cognac VS.

Last but not least we have mushrooms paired with a drier style of Cognac such as an XO. This adds complexity to the flavor profile that brings out the natural flavors of the dish.

If you wish to try out different Cognacs, it would be convenient to clear your flavor pallet by smelling Coffee beans or tasting them.

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